Skateboarding makes everything better! It has kept me young and fit, stoked on life, and connected with so many amazing people all over the country. I’ve been dreaming of a concrete skate park in Keene since 1985. I’ve had to travel a lot of miles to Skate over the years. To have a Progressive up-to-date skate park in Keene would be a dream come true.”

Bright Krinsky, Keene NH Gnarwhal Rider

I’m now 33 yrs old and I am skateboarding as much as ever and skateboarding has basically saved my life. There is a huge number of skateboarders in the area that are older (from previous generations such as myself) that would appreciate a smoother and more user friendly place to skate. I have recently been brought on by the City of Keene to help make our existing park a little more up to date and I am thrilled to be a part of it, seeing how it is in very rough shape.

Alan Parenteau, Keene NH

I am at the Keene Skatepark almost everyday even in the winter, I go and clear the half-pipe of snow. It has changed my life. I used to be inactive and now I bike for hours a day. I want to be a sponsored semi-pro BMX rider and I need a better park to practice in.

Sean Zimmerman, 16, Keene

The BMX sk8 scene has always been a major staple in my life ever since I helped walk around and get signatures for the original Keene Skate Park. At 36 I still love to ride. It just takes longer to get up when you crash, lol. The connections you make with other riders/sk8rs, of any age, is unmatchable. You learn the faces that show up to the park and you end up one big weird dysfunctional family. It teaches you some key elements in life. You only get out what you put in ya know? If you wanna learn to bunny hop or Ollie it takes very little time and effort. If you wanna half cab to bar to fakie slide out you better be ready to hit parts of your body on the ground you didn’t think could hit the ground. You better be ready to commit. You put in the work and are granted with the gift of success and respect. I’ve seen Nollie kickflip fails that would make me walk away from skate boarding forever. Then they’re back out the next day or sometimes only a few hours later. That shows you something about yourself. If you want it, you can get it with hard work and dedication. Life lessons. All from pushing a board or pedaling a bike.

Jay Meesh

Skating helped me meet a lot of great friends I would not have met otherwise. 

Jacob Lamothe